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My Trip to My Grandparents’ Hometown – Part 2: A Cruise Down the Pearl River

Published August 3, 2015 by pink sapphire

After the walk around the city and the old Beijing Street, we met up again with our second cousin who lives in Guangzhou.

He and his wife, together with their grandson, brought us to the banks of Pearl River at night.


There we took a cruise down the river.


The Guangzhou Suspension bridge is spectacular to behold.


On both sides of the river, the buildings were all brightly lit, adding to the beauty of the summer night.


On one side of the river is actually a small island within the river.


The Guangzhou Tower is beautiful sight at night as it is brightly lit with multi-colours.


The cruise boat also went under the bridge linking the island to the city.


It was a wonderful and enjoyable evening together as we enjoyed the lights and night breeze.


My Trip to My Grandparents’ Hometown – Part 1: A Glimpse into the Past

Published August 2, 2015 by pink sapphire

I had always wanted to visit my grandparents’ hometown in Guangzhou as my father had spent a fair bit of his adult life there. As I was visiting the city in June last year, I had decided to make a trip to the village as well to find out more about my father’s life there. I managed to persuade my sisters to join me and so the three of us met there separately as we have different schedules.

We managed to contact one of our relatives who is living in the city there. He has retired and would be free to bring us around. We met him that afternoon after I had checked into the hotel with my sister.

The next morning, when my second sister arrived, we went out on our own to tour the city. We went to the Nanyue King Museum but it was closed on Monday! So we just walked around the streets and came to the old Beijing Street. There I found history before my eyes!


Apparently, Beijing street had existed since ancient times. Every few dynasties, they resurfaced the road.


So when the top layers were removed, you can see the ancient street below .


Ming Dynasty road surface.

Once along this street, ancient Chinese had walked on it in their everyday lives.  It gave a very special feeling like I was then connected to the long past in history.

Song Dynasty Road Surface

The sky and trees are reflections from the glass surface that protects the relics below.


Now, Beijing Street is closed to traffic and it became a shopping street.

Though we were tired from all the walking, it had been a very interesting day for us.