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Snippets of Park Yuchun in the Eyes of His Stylist

Published August 21, 2016 by pink sapphire

Some time ago I came across a translated article about Yuchun written by his Japanese stylist during his days in TVXQ.

And I miss him so much recently that I went back to read it again. It contains heartwarming and touching little stories about Yuchun with his members in TVXQ.

From the article, one can see that they, TVXQ as a group, had really been through lmuch sweat and tears to achieve success. The sense of “us” as a unit was very strong.

In the eyes of the author, Yuchun is a kind, caring, fun-loving and playful boy with the most beautiful and warm smile. A free spirit who likes to act childish like a spoiled child, the author could not get angry with him. He really likes Yuchun a lot and is charmed by both his smiles and tears.

YC really kind and cared a lot for his members as well as those around him.

One day, while waiting for the boys to complete their photo-shooting, the author fell asleep.  When he woke up suddenly, he found that YC had covered him with his jacket and was sitting quietly nearby waiting for him. He even gestured the author that he could go on with his nap as there was still some time to spare.

There was also a time, a staff had left behind one of their stage costumes at the previous venue and they had not time to go back to retrieve it. As the PD severely scolded the staff for this mistake, YC risked incurring the wrath of the PD,  went up to the him to speak up for the staff and suggested an improvisation to their costumes to solve the problem.

In the article, there were quite a bit of stories describing YC’s interactions with his members. Some of the stories are quite heart wrenching. In general, YC is very playful and likes to play around with others. He liked to tease JS with words and expose his unflattering secrets; ridicule CM and complain that he likes to act big (as CM is the youngest among them); bully JJ and complain that he nags; and sometimes even play a joke on YH. But he is also the most warm and caring person to his members.

One day, JS and CM were kind of fighting over the food. He purposely thwarted JS by pushing him away so that CM got the food. But while JS was complaining, he quietly placed his food on JS’s plate.

At other times, when the staff forgot to buy two portions of food for CM, YC would complained that he had too much rice in his plate and forcibly passed most of his food to CM and then ran far far away.

There was once they had to eat cup noodles for lunch. JS was busy helping JJ take photos that he forgot about his noodles and it became soggy. JS was unhappy and was complaining that it was awful to eat. JJ wanted to pass him his but JS refused. Then suddenly, YC grabbed over JS’s cup of noodles and quickly gobbled down half of it. Before JS started to make an issue over it, he quickly handed over his cup of noodles to JS as compensation. Then he said that he had lost his appetite  and wanted to have home-made food at home for compensation.

Actually, YC was quite particular about his food. There was once when the author found YC upset over his food when certain condiments were not added to his food. Later he learned from JS that YC was very particular about food.

They often play games together and the losers were always punished. YC would always use the least strength to hit the other members saying that it hurt to hit hard, even though the others would hit him hard.

YH appeared often and he cared much for YC as the leader and YC respected him a lot. For instance, whenever the above scenario happened, YH would quietly asked their manager to buy some food during the following shooting.

One day, YC had to record a variety show in cold weather where participants might have get into water. As his partner was a senior, he insisted that he would be the one to go into the water. He went twice into the water and was shivering badly when he got out from it. YH went into the water once and when he saw YC shivering at the side even with a thick down blanket over him, he went over to hug him. But it did not help. YC could not even hold the warm water that JS had passed into his hands. In the end, YH brought him into the car to warm him up with the car heater.

I can imagine how much betrayed and heartbroken he must have felt when the group broke up in 2009. TVXQ meant almost everything to him.

Each of the boys have their own stylist. Initially, the stylists were like working on an ad-hoc basis. But later they were contracted and they followed them as they travelled between South Korea and Japan.

Most of YC’s hairstyles are his ideas. His stylist, the author, trusted his artistic sense of style. One day, the stylists were discussing about JJ and how he could take different hairstyles. Then YC’s stylist asked whether JJ could take a head of curls? They all could not reply. The author was pleased because YC had just suggested it to him earlier and turned up with curls the next day.

There were also other incidents or fun facts that were mentioned. Like even when they were most popular artistes themselves then, they acted just like us, the ordinary fans, towards their favourite artistes. Those who want to know more can read the original translated article in Baidu Micky Bar which is in Chinese.

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