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[FANCAM + TRANS] 141204 Yuchun’s acceptance speech at the 15th Busan Film Critics Awards Ceremony

Published December 4, 2014 by pink sapphire



Yes, thank you.
Uhhh…yes…thank you
Last year, I really wanted to try out acting. There were much thoughts about about passionately wanting to try it out. At the same time, I had cold feet but I “met” a production now known as Haemoo.

At that time, I saw Director Shim Sungbo in the office for the first time and during that time I seemed to have gained a lot of courage while filming with all the staff and seniors. Actually, I’ve watched Haemoo several times even after it had finished showing and I utterly do not fancy thoughts like “You’ve done really well.” Also, even after Haemoo had passed, there was actually small trail of intimidation/fear.

That’s why I just stayed at home and did not go out. Now, I’m only watching movies while staying at home. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for giving me…

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