Published February 9, 2014 by pink sapphire

When I was a young girl, whenever we visited my grandparents every weekend, I would like to run over to the small magazine store across the road to buy my favourite comic books with money given by my father.

I had a few of series that I follow. I cannot really remember them now. Most are stories for girls like Princess Sapphire and Candy Candy. But I also read other stories like “Hao Xiao Zi” and even classic Chinese comics like “Lao Fu Zi”!

But I loved most are the following:

Princess Knight (Princess Sapphire)
This is a story about a Western princess being disguised as a Prince to be the heir to the throne and her adventures.

Candy Candy
This is about an orphaned girl in USA and her story with her childhood friends and her love. It traces her life as a little baby abandoned at a convent, to her difficult but eventful teenage years as a helper and then an adopted child in a rich family and her love story with a classmate till adulthood.

Hao Xiao Zi
This story is about a young Japanese boy, who was accidentally taken away from home and led a vagrant life with his father, and his struggles trying to re-integrate into the society and his adventures in school and his favourite sport of Kendo.

There were many more but I cannot remember them now. There’s one about a very good surgeon who was marginalized from the society. As far as I know, the first two, Princess Sapphire and Candy Candy were made into animated series and broadcasted.  I even own a DVD set for the latter.

Those were during the days of my youth.

As I grew older and started working, I stopped reading them till I discovered “Hana Yori Dango” through the Korean drama “Boys Over Flowers” that had adapted its story. Hana Yori Dango is a Japanese manga series about a poor girl and a very rich boy and their struggles to be together.


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      • These were out at the time when Candy Candy was published in Chinese. ‘The Window of Orpheus’ by Ryoko Ikeda and ‘Crystal Dragon’ by Ashibe Yuuho. They are all Shoujo Manga. Another author of manga that I like is Chie Shinohara. Most Chinese versions of Japanese manga are from Taiwan.

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