Thoughts on My Childhood

Published December 19, 2013 by pink sapphire

I used to lived at the ground floor of a low-rise 5-storey private apartment block somewhere in the suburban area just outside the city. Surrounding the apartment block in front was a large piece of marshland with natural mud drains.

In the afternoon, after school  work was done, the children living in this apartment block would come out to play on the small private road in front. We would ride bicycles, play badminton, balls, “catching”, “hop-scotch”, and other traditional games besides friendly competitions.

Or we would go to catch “spiders” among the thick bushes and keep them in little match-boxes with some leaves. And then we would let our spiders “fight” with the other spiders from the other kids.

We would also go to the big drains behind the block to catch small fish like guppies and also tadpoles. Then we would keep them in little bottles at home. But we always lead the tadpoles go when they started to grow legs and turned into frogs.

When my father was at home in the day, like during weekends, he would lead the group of neighbourhood kids to venture into the marshland for a little bit of adventure. We would jump across the mud drains where we would pride ourselves in our abilities to do so, especially the wider ones. 

I really enjoyed my childhood.


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