The Novel “FAITH” by Song Ji Na

Published December 19, 2013 by pink sapphire

Recently, I fell in love with the novel  that was acted out in the South Korean drama “Faith” (or The Great Doctor). I first watched the drama when it was first broadcasted in South Korea from August to October in 2012.

The story is about a plastic surgeon (acted by Kim Hee Sun) who was abducted by a time-travelling warrior (acted by Lee Min Ho) to the Goryeo period 600 years ago in Korea. There they fell in love with each other and then was separated again when she was dragged into the time-wrapped hole by their enemy and went back to 2013 Seoul with him severely wounded and left dying on a field. And by the faith that they had on each other, he survived and she managed to come back him after another year of time-travelling.

Though I like the drama, but I found it somewhat lacking. Some of the scenes and moments in the script were not enacted. It was more satisfying when I read of of the missing portions in the fansites. I found out then that the scriptwriter and author Song Ji Na would be writing a novel for the drama story. I waited for it for a while and then I forgot about it.

Finally, recently, after I stumble upon the drama and re-watched it again. And I searched for the novel again. I found bits and pieces of translations of the novel, which is written in Korean, in English and Chinese. Only Japanese translations of the novel is available. So far, the volume one and two of the novel is out. Apparently, there will be four volumes in total.

The wait for the translations is really arduous. And I stumbled upon online fan-made sequels to the story in the drama. So far, I had read about three of them, all without ending.

Let’s hope that volume three and four will come out soon.

19 Dec 2013


2 comments on “The Novel “FAITH” by Song Ji Na

  • I hope the author would actually complete the book. Song Ji Na is currently on another project and has expressed difficulty in pour out words for “The Faith”. As you would have known, many scenes that did not appear in her original script were added to the book after the drama series. The story is still developing and judging from how far it has got in Book 2, Book 3 and Book 4 need to be very thick in order to put in everything that appeared in the series plus everything she is going to add to it afterwards. I hope she will not abandon it. I’m not.

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