Visit to Mickiss

Published December 9, 2013 by pink sapphire

At the end of last November, I managed to take out some time to pay a visit to Mickiss while I was in Seoul. As my schedule was really tight, I took a cab there so that I would not get lost or waste time looking for the place.

I was brought right to the doorstep of the SK Hub BLU Building where it is located. This is all thanks to the name card picture that I had downloaded from the web. The cab driver just keyed in the address given and there I was. It was quite easy to find and I went straight up to the 9th floor. It had a open sign hang on the door knob outside.


I rang the door bell and a female sales assistant let me in. Initially she was standing around as I was browsing through the items there and then later she let me browse on my own. I asked if I can take pictures. She replied that I would need to make purchases in order to do so.

The store is just like what you would have seen on the internet Yuchun sites. It’s a small office mostly crammed with Yuchun’s goods. Perhaps as expected, JYJ and hence Yuchun’s stuff are really expensive. The shop sells the Yuchun’s Korean fansite goods like the photobooks and publications from There are samples of the various series of photobooks on the table for browsing. I browsed through each of them though not so thoroughly as I somehow felt a little uncomfortable treating the place like a library. Finally, I picked a key chain, a pink blanket and an old version of his photobook (probably the only item sold at a discounted price). This three items cost 97 000 won.


After the purchase, the sale assistant was quite helpful in taking photographs for me and let me take as many photos as I like. Then I left after visiting the restroom.

DSC_0549 DSC_0541 DSC_0550 DSC_0547

The subway station 730 exit 2 is just outside the building. I took the subway back. That concluded my trip to Mickiss.




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