Old Movies That Left An Impression

Published October 27, 2013 by pink sapphire

Recently, I came across one of the old movies that I had watched years ago when I was much much younger. It is Blue Lagoon by Christopher Atkins and Brooke Shields. It is a 1980 film about a little boy and girl who grew up together alone in a tropical island when their ship sank and they lost contact with the rest of the world. What they had were some old photos and clothes found in a chest they found as they drifted around in the ocean. They learnt how to look after themselves after the cook who brought them onto the lifeboat and then to the island died. Luckily he had already taught them some basic survivor skills. Later they learnt about puberty and love. and had a baby son. They were so happy there that they did not want leave their island home choosing not to attract the attention of a ship passing near the island. It was the boy’s father, who had been looking for them. I bet the earlier ship was also sent by him. I felt so bad for the father who had been looking for them for so many years. Finally, the young family got stranded and was drifting in the ocean and they they lost hope to live. Their baby had eaten some poison berries and they chose to die together by eating the rest of the berries. The ending was sad but hopeful. The father found them lying unconscious in the boat and the crew man replied the father that they were just sleeping.


There is another old movie by another Christopher – Christopher Lambert that had also left an impression on me.  It’s the 1984 movie Greystroke – the Legend of Tazan, Lord of the Apes. In this story, a young couple were marooned in Africa and they had a baby boy. Shortly after they died and the baby was adopted by the apes. Later he saved a man and the man brought him back to his grandfather. He fell in love with Jane and inherited his grandfather’s estate. But one day, a a museum, he found his ape father and he released him and the other captured animals. His ape father died and he was traumatised and decided to go back to his jungle.



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