My Music Through the Years

Published October 12, 2013 by pink sapphire

As I grew up and mature, I noticed changes in my music taste and favourite singers.

When I was growing up, I like to watched Cantonese and Teochew operas. My favourite opera singers were Loong Kim Sang and Tan Chor Hui. Both of them took the male lead roles in the opera.

Sacrifice of a Princess – Loong Kim Sang

四告状1 – Tan Chor Hui

At that time, I listened mainly to Mandarin and Cantonese songs over the Rediffusion, a cabled network like the radio. There were also a few nice English songs that I got to know from school mates.

A Lover’s Concerto 

My favourite Mandarin song singers were Jenny Tseng and Feng Fei Fei as they sang most of the Chinese movie OSTs at that time.

Jenny Tseng singing an old favourite 海誓山盟. 

风飞飞 – 枫叶情 

I also like the songs from Liu Jia Chang, their music teacher in a way.

Liu JIa Chang – 月满西楼  

Alan Tam is my favourite male Cantonese singer.

Alan Tam -愛的根源 

Then I kind of switched over to English songs when I got to listen to Cliff Richard, ABBA and some others. But my favourites were the Bee Gees and John Denver.

Constantly – Cliff Richard 

Fernando – ABBA 

I started a joke and First of May – Bee Gees 

Annie’e Song – John Denver 

Then there was a void period where I don’t listen to much songs.

Until several years ago, I started to get more acquainted with the music of the Beatles and like especially their older songs.

In My Life – The Beatles 

Now, I am into Korean singers. My favourite singer is Park Yuchun and his previous as well as his current group TVXQ and JYJ.

Like Weather – Park Yuchun’s self-composed song 

Begin – TVXQ 

Fallen Leaves – JYJ 

I noticed that as I age, I tend to favour male voices over female voices. I also tend to like lower tone voices than higher pitch voices.


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