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Old Movies That Left An Impression

Published October 27, 2013 by pink sapphire

Recently, I came across one of the old movies that I had watched years ago when I was much much younger. It is Blue Lagoon by Christopher Atkins and Brooke Shields. It is a 1980 film about a little boy and girl who grew up together alone in a tropical island when their ship sank and they lost contact with the rest of the world. What they had were some old photos and clothes found in a chest they found as they drifted around in the ocean. They learnt how to look after themselves after the cook who brought them onto the lifeboat and then to the island died. Luckily he had already taught them some basic survivor skills. Later they learnt about puberty and love. and had a baby son. They were so happy there that they did not want leave their island home choosing not to attract the attention of a ship passing near the island. It was the boy’s father, who had been looking for them. I bet the earlier ship was also sent by him. I felt so bad for the father who had been looking for them for so many years. Finally, the young family got stranded and was drifting in the ocean and they they lost hope to live. Their baby had eaten some poison berries and they chose to die together by eating the rest of the berries. The ending was sad but hopeful. The father found them lying unconscious in the boat and the crew man replied the father that they were just sleeping.


There is another old movie by another Christopher – Christopher Lambert that had also left an impression on me.  It’s the 1984 movie Greystroke – the Legend of Tazan, Lord of the Apes. In this story, a young couple were marooned in Africa and they had a baby boy. Shortly after they died and the baby was adopted by the apes. Later he saved a man and the man brought him back to his grandfather. He fell in love with Jane and inherited his grandfather’s estate. But one day, a a museum, he found his ape father and he released him and the other captured animals. His ape father died and he was traumatised and decided to go back to his jungle.


My Music Through the Years

Published October 12, 2013 by pink sapphire

As I grew up and mature, I noticed changes in my music taste and favourite singers.

When I was growing up, I like to watched Cantonese and Teochew operas. My favourite opera singers were Loong Kim Sang and Tan Chor Hui. Both of them took the male lead roles in the opera.

Sacrifice of a Princess – Loong Kim Sang

四告状1 – Tan Chor Hui

At that time, I listened mainly to Mandarin and Cantonese songs over the Rediffusion, a cabled network like the radio. There were also a few nice English songs that I got to know from school mates.

A Lover’s Concerto 

My favourite Mandarin song singers were Jenny Tseng and Feng Fei Fei as they sang most of the Chinese movie OSTs at that time.

Jenny Tseng singing an old favourite 海誓山盟. 

风飞飞 – 枫叶情 

I also like the songs from Liu Jia Chang, their music teacher in a way.

Liu JIa Chang – 月满西楼  

Alan Tam is my favourite male Cantonese singer.

Alan Tam -愛的根源 

Then I kind of switched over to English songs when I got to listen to Cliff Richard, ABBA and some others. But my favourites were the Bee Gees and John Denver.

Constantly – Cliff Richard 

Fernando – ABBA 

I started a joke and First of May – Bee Gees 

Annie’e Song – John Denver 

Then there was a void period where I don’t listen to much songs.

Until several years ago, I started to get more acquainted with the music of the Beatles and like especially their older songs.

In My Life – The Beatles 

Now, I am into Korean singers. My favourite singer is Park Yuchun and his previous as well as his current group TVXQ and JYJ.

Like Weather – Park Yuchun’s self-composed song 

Begin – TVXQ 

Fallen Leaves – JYJ 

I noticed that as I age, I tend to favour male voices over female voices. I also tend to like lower tone voices than higher pitch voices.

The Lives of Sungkyunkwan Scholars – Volume 1

Published October 12, 2013 by pink sapphire

Recently, I read “The Lives of Sungkyunkwan SAcholars” yet again.

“The Lives of Sungkyunkwan Scholars” is a Korean novel from which the Korean drama” Sungkyunkwan Scandal” was based on. I had read both the Chinese and English translations of the novel available on the internet. They are not complete translations though, with many parts left out. But they are still interesting and addictive to read. As I’m more comfortable with the English translation, I read this version many times.

What I like about reading the text as compared to watching the video is that I can read the thoughts of the protagonists which I can’t by watching the drama. This really helped me to understand the characters better and made me really feel more in tune to their emotions and be brought along as they swing up and down. Moreover, conjuring up the scenes in my mind brings me into another dimension altogether.

Lee Son Joon in the novel is more polite and rational, always the well-mannered scholar, not showing much of his feelings and emotions in front of others. But he is also more passionate and hot-blooded towards his love when the truth was out. In the translated version, he had never been harsh to Yoon Hee or turned her away even when he wanted to stop himself from loving her. He just bore with it all quietly, longing for her at the same time. It’s interesting to read how he had reacted to and was increasingly attracted to the various expressions of feminine vibes given off by Yoon Hee unconsciously. I can really empathise with him as he finds himself tortured by the thoughts of loving another man as a woman.

Kim Yoon Hee in the novel is more humble with less pride. She decided on her own to sit for the tests to get a qualification so that she can earn a more money in doing written work for others. She met Lee Son Joon for the first time when both of them went to the same centre to sit for their first test. As in the drama, she kissed Lee Son Joon first though in a different situation. She kissed him in his sleep when her identity was still not known to him. She was also the one that encouraged Son Joon to ignore the rules of man and follow his desires with her.

There are a few scenes in the novel where the content may not be suitable for younger and innocent readers. There is a  scene where Son Joon was naked when he changes his clothes, another scene where the boys talk about sexual positions, as well as the scene where Son Joon realizes that Yoon Hee is a woman and they gave their bodies to each other.  However, the descriptions are not graphic.

Moon Jaeshin and Gu Yongha are like how they were depicted in the drama. Just that Yongha is a bit more irritating in the novel where he had intentionally/unintentionally ruined many loving and potentially loving moments between the protagonists.

What I am not satisfied with the novel is that it did no’t end with an officially recognized marriage between the two of them. I could not find any translations of the second volume of the novel where they worked for the King. I hope that they will live happily ever after as man and wife accepted by his father and perhaps the King.